Elastometric Bearings


It has been almost 60 years since elastomeric bearings were first introduced to the marketplace and now, all these years later, these very bearings are used in a big number of bridges and similar structures globally. While it might not have been known at the very beginning,
these are the bearing type of choice for all bridge-like structures and for very good reason – the elastomeric bearing is designed to support a vertical load effectively with minimal compression, while it allows for contraction and expansion of the entire structure with little resistance and also enables normal end rotation of the structure’s beams. There are more complex bearings in this category that do more than support vertical loads. These can be designed to channel horizontal loads to points strong enough to handle them and away from zones that are weaker and unable to.

When is the Elastomeric Bearing Best Suited?

The elastomeric bearing is also quite renowned for its easy installation and maintenance-free characteristics. That is the standard elastomeric bearing for you. In general, elastomeric bearings are great for use in conditions where there is thermal expansion, creep and shrinkage, post-tensioning strain, live load deflections, and potential earth movements.

Technoslide’s Range of Elastomeric Bearings

The elastomeric bearing that we manufacture at Technoslide is made from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which is a material with extremely low friction properties. These are used with natural rubber that is both flexible and durable. There are three types of elastomeric bearing for you to choose from:

For low friction sliding movements in either one or two directions, the BA type bearing is required. These bearings can be used effectively at high temperatures.
For unlimited sliding movement with limited rotation, the BAR type bearing is required. These bearings cannot be used at high temperatures as they are designed to work best in ambient temperatures.
BR type bearings are quite different in that they are essentially laminated rubber bearings. The amount of movement that they allow depends on how many layers of lamination are incorporated. Like the BAR type bearing, these elastomeric bearings are only suited to use at ambient temperatures.
Buy Your Elastomeric Bearings from Technoslide

At Technoslide, we feature a range of standard elastomeric bearings for you to choose from. We can also custom design and manufacture bearings according to your specifications. If you would like to learn more about our range of bearings and their prices, simply get in touch with us today.