Elastometric Bearings

Elastomeric bearings are one of the types of bridge bearings that can be found in our product catalogue. In the range of elastomeric bearings we offer, you will find a variety of types to choose from, including neoprene and laminated bearings, all of which are used in the construction industry. As these bearings play an important role in supporting structures, they must meet certain design standards and have reliable load-bearing capabilities. These are taken into account at Technoslide during the manufacturing process.

Bearings are designed to bear their designed loads and so it is important to choose a bearing that caters to the stresses and strains of the application at hand. Elastomeric bearings must be able to handle various movements that result from temperature fluctuations, contraction, expansion, shrinkage, earth movement and stress or strain. Buildings with steel frames and steel bridges require elastomeric bearings to provide support and handle movement effectively.

We stock various types of elastomeric bearings for our customers. BA type bearings are designed to manage and support low-friction sliding movements in two directions. These bearings perform well at high temperatures (up to 250 °C) and limited movement. The load-bearing capacity ranges from 100 to 2500 kN.

BAR-type elastomeric bearings are ideal for small rotational movements and sliding movements. These bearings perform well at low temperatures and have a load-bearing capacity of between 30 and 250 kN. We also stock BR-type elastomeric bearings. These are laminated rubber bearings that support medium- or short-span structures. They perform well at moderate temperatures. The more lamination on the bearing, the more it restricts movement. These bearings have a load-bearing capacity of between 200 and 3 000 kN.

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of elastomeric bearings. We make use of the best quality bearing materials and can custom design bearings according to your specifications. We have been serving various industries, including the mining, automotive, construction, maritime, petrochemical, civil, and materials handling industries since 1998. With so many happy and loyal customers in our wake, it is easy to see that we are dedicated to top-quality products and exceptional customer service.

If you would like to learn more about our extensive range of bearings, we welcome you to get in touch with us at Technoslide. While our team members are knowledgeable, they are friendly and helpful too. We can provide you with detailed product information and advice on request. Simply contact us via email or telephone and we will assist you further