Elastomeric Bearing


Elastomeric bearings are typically used as bridge bearings. These particular bearings are designed for use in bridges and similar load-bearing structures across the globe. The reason they are ideal for the job is because they can support vertical loads with minimal compression and also allow the structure to contract and expand with minimal resistance, while allowing for normal end rotation of bridge beams. Bridge bearings are generally quite easy to install and if you purchase a high-quality product, it requires minimal maintenance too.
At Technoslide, we provide an extensive range of standard elastomeric bearings to the industry. With our design experience, we can also manufacture custom bearing designs for speciality applications in order to meet clients’ individual specifications.
Design Variations
In order for bearings to accommodate a variety of loads, the thickness and hardness of internal elastomer layers must be varied along the plan area. By increasing hardness and thickness, different degrees of horizontal movement resistance and larger beam-end rotation movements can be allowed for.
When a typical bridge bearing is manufactured, it is done by means of a mould. Common elastomeric bearing moulds typically allow for square, rectangular, and circular bearing shapes. Custom-designed shapes with various features, such as clipped corners, tapering, and slots can also be created upon request, according to specifications provided by the customer.
Order Your Elastomeric Bearings from Technoslide in Gauteng
We offer low-friction PTFE bridge bearings. Our range consists of three main basic bearing types that support small movements and rotations. These include BA-, BAR-, and BR-type bearings. Each of these bearing types have their own load-bearing capacity and temperature resistance specifications and parameters. In order to select the right bearings for the job, take the time to discuss your specific application needs and requirements with our professional team.
We supply elastomeric bearings at competitive prices as part of our civil and structural bearing range. That is not all that you can find at Technoslide; we also design, manufacture, and stock various other types and kinds of bearings, including white-metal bearings, composite self-lubricating bearings, specialised bronze bearings, and even fibre-reinforced polymer bearings. With years of experience in the industry and accumulated skill and experience in the art of bearing design and manufacture, we are confident that we have just the right range of bearings for you.
To discover our range of bearings, including elastomeric bearings, take the time to browse through our catalogue. For more product information and advice, contact us via email or telephone at Technoslide today.