Elastomeric Bearing Manufacturer

Need an Elastomeric Bearing Manufacturer? Choose Technoslide!

Elastomeric bearings are rubber bearings that are steel plated. They are most commonly used in the civil and marine industries, and are designed to support potential axial movement, as well as shear and rotational movement. This support provides protection for vessels and structures from impact damage and potential deformation, which can be a result of poor weather condition or stress inflicted on the structure. If you are in need of these types of bearings, it’s best to seek out an elastomeric bearing manufacturer with design and production experience.

A simple explanation of how an elastomeric bearing works and what we design each unit for:

The bearing supports vertical loads with minimal compression. It also ensures that the structure can handle expansion and contraction without experiencing excessive resistance. Ensuring that bridge beams have normal end rotation is also a vital function of the elastomeric bearing. That’s not all that makes these bearings popular. They are also exceptionally easy to install and require little to no maintenance.

At Technoslide, we manufacture elastomeric bearings that are ideal for reducing vibration and absorbing energy when movement is experienced. As a leading elastomeric bearing manufacturer, we pay special attention to the following during the manufacturing process:

  • Stress and strain expected to be placed on the bearing.
  • Fatigue life of the bearing.
  • Multidirectional loads between structures or a vessel and the hull.
  • Performance expectations in varying environments.
  • The materials used are of the utmost best quality. We know that durability and strength is a number one priority when using bearings of this nature.


While there are standard bearing specifications available, customised bearings can be created to suit your specific needs and requirements. In the construction industry, it is common knowledge that elastomeric bearings are the most efficient and affordable solution, especially when extensive buildings and large span bridges are being constructed with long-term sustainability and strength in mind.

The elastomeric bearing made its debut on the market around 60 years ago and has since been used in many buildings and structures, globally. With its versatility, strength and affordability, it comes as no surprise.

If you have been shopping around for a reliable elastomeric bearing manufacturer in South Africa, take the time to discover our range and learn more about our manufacturing process at Technoslide. We welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone at your convenience.