DX Bearings

Best Quality DX Bearings for Sale

DX bearings might not need an introduction to the industrial market. These units are used in the industrial machinery market and are required to be durable and of course unfailingly reliable. The fact that these bearings have quite a responsibility means that you should only purchase them from a reputable supplier where you know only the finest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process.

At Technoslide we present these items to the market at a cost-effective rate. We ensure that only the finest grade items are offered to you and will do our best to ensure that your needs and requirements are satisfied, regardless of which of our products you require. While chatting to our sales consultants, take the time to consider a variety of our other products which might be of use to you.

Of course if you aren’t entirely sure of which type, style and size of DX bearing to purchase, chat to our team members. Our staff members are always friendly, approachable and with a great deal of product related information and advice to offer you.

Since as early as 1988 we have been presenting the market with the finest products available and we take great pride in the fact that we have a following of loyal supporters. We work hard to build long lasting relationships with our clients and you can rest assured that from the moment you make contact with us, your needs will be taken into consideration and catered to.

Amongst our list of products and services you will find that we are involved in the design, manufacture and repair white metal bearings, the design and manufacture of civil or structural bearings as well as the supply of composite self lubricating bearings, the supply of specialised bronze bearings and fibre reinforced polymer bearings. Our head office is located in Gauteng, but if you are situated elsewhere in the country and require our products, simply let us know and we can make arrangements for you.  We serve a variety of markets and ensure that our BEE and ISO certificates are available for you to view. Peace of mind that you are dealing with a reliable supplier is important.

At Technoslide we focus a great deal of our attention on ensuring that our clients are presented with products that will not let them down. Take the time to try out our range and order your next DX bearings from us at Technoslide today.