Drill Bushes

The Basic Guide to Drill Bushes

Bushes are components used for faster drilling without having to repeat the measurement and marking of the hole size and position. The tool pieces act to accurately guide the bore point into the jig. Precision drilling is possible, while the time it takes to bore through the workpiece is significantly reduced with the aid of the bush or jig.

Manually guided bore operations take longer, as precision measurement is required. Drill bushes simplify the work with the added benefit of cleaner and more precise results. They are used in the vehicle-manufacturing and machine-making industries because of the gains in accuracy and speed. In metalwork, bushes are used for guiding precision-cut tool points, reamers, counter-borer points, and countersinks. The bushes are designed for guiding, positioning, and supporting the bore or cutting tool. Bushes are useful where it is essential to create several holes of an exact depth and angle at specific points.

We offer a comprehensive range to meet application requirements, including cylindrical types with press-in or collar fitments. It is possible to get the exact type for the specific hole size, tool point, and bore or cutting angle required. They conform to standards such as ISO 4247 or DIN 172,173 or 179, depending on the application and type. We offer them with the bore rounded on the one end or on both ends.

The bushes are manufactured from durable, hardened, low-carbon steel containing a percentage manganese. The carbon steel has superb corrosion resistance. Due to the hardening, the products experience minimal wear as the result of contact with rotation tools. Precision concentric grinding of inside and outside diameters completes the finishing process to ensure that the inside diameter has a precision run with the reamer or drill point. The outside diameter is made for precision location, running, or press-fit, depending on the purpose.

Several types can be distinguished, of which the press-fit is the most common ones; they are used for batch-production applications and are exceptionally durable. The headed types are made for precision depth control, while the headless type is suitable for applications where the hole depth and location are not the most important factors. The extended type is suitable for applications where there is quite a distance between the hole and the actual drill plate. The removable types can be divided into renewable and slip-bush types, the first being for ongoing and large batch tasks and the latter when more than one task is performed on the same axis as the reaming or drilling.

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