Drill bushes


Drill bushes are often called jig bushes. They are used in the metalworking process to guide cutting tools which, in most cases, are drill bits. Some other tools that are used with drill bushes are reamers, countersinks, and counterbores. The function of the drill bush is to ensure that the cutting tool being used is held in position, guided, and supported during the cutting process.
They are particularly useful in situations where the cutting tool is slender and delicate. The bushes are an interference fit in the drill plate.

Drill Bushes Are Manufactured from These Materials

Drill bushes typically available on the market are manufactured from hardened carbon steel with up to 1% carbon content and 0,5 to 0,9% of manganese. As they are to come into contact with hard, rotating tools, they are hardened to ensure that wear is kept to a minimum.

Common Types of Drill Bushes

There are various types of drill bushes:

Press-fit bushes – these are the most common type and are used in batch production. They have a long life expectancy and are sometimes used as a liner for renewable and slip bushes. There are two types of press fit bushes, headed press-fit bushes and headless press-fit bushes.
Extended drill bushes – these are used when drilling is some distance away from the actual drill plate. This prevents breakage of the drill bit.
Renewable bushes – these are removable bushes that are used in large batch production where bush wear is higher. It is a headed or flanged bush that can only be removed by unscrewing a retaining screw.
Slip bushes – these are removable bushes that are used to support and guide tools where two functions such as drilling and reaming are being carried out on the same piece. It is a headed or flanged bush that is used when a quiet changeover must happen.
Liner bushes – these are a permanent fixture on the jig body and are used to guide renewable bushes.
Threaded bushes – these bushes feature outer threading. A liner is used to locate the threaded bush in the jig plate.
Regardless of the type of drill bushes that you are currently looking for, you can expect to find a complete standard range at Technoslide in Johannesburg. We can also custom-design and manufacture drill bushes according to specifications supplied by the customer. For more information and advice on our range of drill bushes, simply get in touch with us via email or telephone today.