Deva Metal Bearings

Find a Range of Well Priced Deva Metal Bearings at Technoslide

Deva metal bearings are certainly not new to the market and have certainly made their mark when it comes to durability and reliability. They are created from advanced powder metallurgy and are self lubricating which makes them not just convenient, but absolutely ideal for use by many industries. Other types of bearings made from bronze materials that are impregnated with oil tend to be weaker in comparison to these units which are fully compacted. The type of metal that these bearings are formed from has a solid lubricant which is present throughout its metallic matrix.

There are various benefits to using Deva metal bearing and these are a few of the reasons for you to consider them:

  • These are suitable for slow speed, high load dry running.
  • They are heat and corrosion resistant.
  • They effectively withstand edge pressures and contamination.
  • They can be machined should the need arise.


At Technoslide we present these particular items to the market at a cost-effective rate. They are designed to perfection and the quality and value for money that they offer simply cannot be questioned. When seeking out the right type of bearing and similar products, our sales consultants will be available to assist. You will find that they are knowledgeable on all of our products and items and that they will happily advise you on a professional level.

Technoslide has been providing innovative and reliable solutions to the market since 1988. Our head office is found in Gauteng and we usually provide our services to markets and industries such as marine, mining, petrochemical, automotive, iron and steel and materials handling.

We believe in providing our clients with a service that is uncompromised and thorough. We build long term relationships with our clients and will do what it takes to ensure that your needs and requirements are satisfied and met. We also ensure that our BEEE certificate and ISO certificate are made available for you to download and peruse on our website. We understand that quality and value for money are important to our clients and we make this our number one priority with each and every one of our manufactured products.

If you are looking around for well priced Deva metal bearings available on the South African market; waste no time in chatting to us at Technoslide. We will ensure that you are presented with a range of products and options that simply won’t let you down.