Deva metal bearings

Some Information on Deva Metal Bearings – What You Need to Know

What do you know about self-lubricating bearings other than the fact that your application requires them? Most people do not may not necessarily know much about the bearings they require and how they actually function. We are here to shed some light on the bearings that you are shopping for.

When most people think of self-lubricating bearings, they naturally think of oil-impregnated bearing materials being used, but there is another type of self-lubricating bearing that is manufactured from a material that is in fact quite different; that material is Deva metal. This bearing material is produced through an advanced powder metallurgy process. The product is fully compacted and you will find, upon comparing it with other oil-impregnated materials, that it is far superior in terms of strength and durability. Deva metal bearings are ideal for dry running at high loads and low speeds. These bearings can also be machined with relative ease if required.

What is so different about Deva metal is that you will find a solid lubricant evenly distributed throughout its metallic matrix. How much, and the type, of solid lubricant present in each bearing is determined by the application’s operating requirements. These bearings are very resistant to corrosion and do not melt or warp when used in applications where high temperatures are present. Edge pressures and contamination do not adversely affect them either; in fact, they are very tolerant of both. It goes without saying that Deva metal bearings are suitable for use in aggressive environments.

While we can manufacture custom Deva metal bearings according to your specifications, we also have standard variants of the bearing. The market typically presents the following types of Deva metal bearings: flanged bearings, cylindrical bearings, side plates, thrust washers, mechanical blanks, and self-aligning bearings. Three main alloys are used in the manufacture of these bearings: bronze, iron, and nickel.

At Technoslide, you will find that we offer an extensive range of bearings, which includes Deva metal bearings. These bearings are hardwearing and reliable and if you are looking for a product that offers value for money; you have found it. Our objective is to ensure that your application runs smoothly and quietly. We also aim to provide you with advice, information, and guidance along the way so that you choose the right bearings and are not faced with equipment malfunctions along the way.
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