Deva Metal Bearings

Deva Metal Bearings Available at Technoslide


Deva metal bearings are manufactured via advanced powder metallurgy. The bearings themselves are self-lubricating and are chosen for their ability to run dry at slow sliding speeds. These bearings have a high load capacity and simply will not let you down. There are a multitude of reasons why so many people seek out the deva metal bearing. When it comes to heat resistance you can expect the results of this bearing to be most impressive. They are also resistant to corrosion and tolerant to contamination and edge pressures. If needs be, you can machine this bearing for the desired end result.

When shopping for a bearing to serve your needs it is important to find those that offer absolute durability. At Technoslide our range is guaranteed to offer strength, durability and of course, value for money. Each and every unit is checked for product quality.

Technoslide started serving the South African market in 1998, which means we have many years of experience in the industry. We have spent a great deal of time researching and developing new products and ways in which we can expand on our range to offer our clients even more value for money. While we have our head office in Gauteng we take great pride in being able to supply our products across the country.

Many of our bearings are currently used in the petrochemical, marine, mining, automotive, materials handling, iron and steel industries. Of course if you have a need for bearings in another market, we would be more than happy to assist you with acquiring the right bearings for the job or application in question.

The Technoslide team places a great deal of emphasis on building strong and long lasting relationships with clients. We will go out of our way to manufacture products that are precisely what our clients are looking for. All products are manufactured according to ISO standards and guidelines and we also ensure that our BEEE rating and certificate are made available on our website for your perusal. Simply download and view these documents at leisure.

We understand the need for your bearings to be of an exceptional quality and that is why we take the responsibility on ourselves to only present products that meet with our strict standards. If you are looking for deva metal bearings that offer value for money and exceptional product quality then you have come to just the right place. Contact us at Technoslide via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements at your earliest convenience.