Deva Metal Bearings

Advanced powder metallurgy is used to manufacture Deva metal bearings.

These are self-lubricating bearings made from a material that is ideal for dry running at a slow sliding speed. It easily manages a high load too. The reason why these particular bearings are so sought after is that they offer a number of beneficial characteristics. The first is that they offer exceptional resistance when it comes to corrosion and temperature. The material used is tolerant when it comes to edge pressures and contamination. These bearings can also be quite easily machined if there is a need.

At Technoslide, we understand that the main focus of your bearing search will probably be product durability and value for money. When presenting our affordable products to the market, we ensure that each and every item has been designed and manufactured to flawless perfection.

Since 1988, when we opened our doors for business, we have been looking for innovative ways to supply the market effectively, deliver on our promises and ensure that our range is growing and expanding at a healthy rate. Our head office is located in Gauteng, but we do not limit ourselves to only doing business in this area. Industries that we service and supply include marine, petrochemical, mining, automotive, materials handling, iron and steel, to name but a few. Of course our products are not limited to only these industries and if we stock a product that is ideal for the industry that you work in, we will be delighted to assist and supply you.

At Technoslide it is one of our top priorities to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. If you are interested in our B-BBEE rating and certificate or our ISO compliance, then we will ensure that you are provided with copies of both. These are also hosted on our website, available for download, for you to view at any time.

In the industrial world and the many markets and industries that span from it, it is important that items such as bearings and similar are of the utmost best quality. There is a great deal of responsibility involved when it comes to trusting various products on the market and at Technoslide we hope to provide you with a product range that provides peace of mind at all times. To find out more about our range of Deva metal bearings and other products, take the time to chat to us via telephone, or send us an email at your convenience.