Civil Bearings

Technoslide Is An Expert In The Manufacture Of Civil Bearings

In all civil structures like bridges and buildings, some provision usually has to be made for movement, whether it is a steel or a concrete structure.  Technoslide designs and manufactures a range of civil bearings for these types of applications.  The purpose of these civil bearings is to eliminate resistance to movement and allow the structures to move freely, as designed.

Technoslide plays a leading role in bearing technology and our innovative bearing products combine advanced materials, modern manufacturing techniques and proven concepts to bring you bearings of the very best design and quality.  Where applicable, our bearings conform to COLTO’s standards and they are designed in accordance with the requirements of BS5400 Pt 9.1:1983.  All our bearings are manufactured in our three Johannesburg factories.

Some of the civil bearings we manufacture include those for pipelines, bridges and foot bridges.  We also manufacture strip, line rocker and plain bearings, as well as elastomeric and pot bearings.  Supplementing our vast range, we also have other types of bearings available.  The BT and BS series are slide bearings that can rotate about all axes and has a 20,000kN load carrying ability.  The BD series is also a sliding bearing with a 5,000kN ability and rotation about one axis only.  The BV series has no vertical load capacity and no transverse rotation ability and acts as a horizontal guide only.

Civil bearings are crucial for all types of civil engineering structures, because engineers always have to allow for movement in these structures, whether it is due to temperature expansion and contractions, creep, load movement, earth movement or shrinkage.  Technoslide can provide a civil bearing for every application.  Contact us today.