Civil Bearings

Technoslide manufacture and distribute a wide range of bearings designed for use in civil and structural engineering. These civil bearings include:

  • Bearings for Bridges and Structures
  • Pot Bearings
  • Elastomeric Bearings
  • Plain Sliding Bearings
  • Line Rocker Bearings
  • Strip Bearings
  • Pipe Line Bearings
  • Foot Bridge Bearings

In most concrete and steel structures, including bridges and buildings, some sort of allowance has to be made for expansion and contraction or other movements. There can be a number of reasons for this movement. These include regular expansion and contraction due to the ambient temperature conditions, permanent creep or shrinkage, movement from post tensioning, live load movement due to traffic etc. and Earth movement.

It is usually desirable to minimise the resistance forces and moments resulting from these movements and this is the primary function of Structural Bearings. Bearing Technologies range of Bearings provide this function by the most efficient method using well proven concepts combined with modern manufacturing technology and advanced materials. All of our manufacturing of civil bearings is done in three Johannesburg factories, and all bearings are designed in accordance with the provisions of BS5400 Pt 9.1:1983 and conform to the requirements of COLTO where applicable. Without the use of civil bearings unacceptable loads can be put onto a structure causing stresses that can eventually lead to structural failure. Technoslide is located at Unit G9, Pinelands Site, Ardeer Road, Modderfontein, Gauteng and we have branches in KwaZulu-Natal and in the United Kingdom. Call us at +27 (0) 11 605 2434 for any further information regarding bearings of any type.