Civil and White-Metal Bearings

Your Solution to Civil and White-Metal Bearings

White-metal bearings are manufactured to allow specific machine parts to rotate within a machine without moving out of place. Gearboxes are an ideal example of where you can find such components in action. Many industrial businesses utilise the white-metal types in their machines, varying across a wide spectrum of bore sizes. We specialise in solutions for these components, offering design, manufacture, and repair services for your business. We can also assist in supplying civil bearings.

The civil ones work differently, as they allow a structure to expand and contract due to exposure to the elements. Concrete and steel are both susceptible to thermal expansion due to exposure to the sun. The cooling effect of rain causes contraction, which can cause structural damage if not allowed for. Therefore, civil engineers use slide bearings to allow these structures some movement without the movement inflicting any damage. These components are installed to physically separate the structure and its supports, allowing the structure to expand and contract safely.

Fast Turnaround for Repairs

White-metal bearings are vital to ensure that certain machine parts work as intended. Businesses using machines with industrial gearboxes cannot afford long interruptions due to a faulty component. If machine bearings fail, the consequences can be disastrous. And the failed part cannot simply be replaced either, since there would be the possibility of the replaced component failing because of the same problems. Therefore, we can diagnose the problem that caused the component to fail in the first place. By addressing such a problem through an optimised new design to replace the old one, we ensure that the replaced component will offer better performance and durability.

White-metal alloys that are used to manufacture machine bearings usually consist of a combination of copper, lead, and tin. Dependent on their intended function, the alloy is altered to deliver optimal performance and durability. Friction is a determining factor, since these components allow the rotation of certain parts within a machine. We offer a comprehensive solution to white-metal bearings and give you the assurance that we can deliver fast turnaround times on repairs, accurate diagnoses, and effective design and manufacturing of such components for your business needs.

Technoslide is your first choice regarding white-metal and civil bearings. If your business needs a reliable solution regarding these components, we are your answer. For more information on how we can assist your business with the right products and services, please browse our website. Put your mind at ease and let us take care of your machines with us.