Civil and White-Metal Bearings for Your Business

Industrial bearings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and functions. The white-metal variants are used for industrial machines to allow rotational movement of components in such a machine. Civil types are used to allow for thermal expansion and contraction in large structures such as bridges. We can supply both for your business. These components have been used in both industries since the discovery of modern technology. We understand the consequences of such a component failing; therefore, we offer comprehensive solutions in this regard.

We have more than three decades of experience working with white-metal bearings and we are at the forefront of their design, manufacture, and repair. We can assist with the white-metal components with a bore of between 25 and 1800 mm. We offer manufacturing services for them; therefore, you have a solution for any type of machine component that must accommodate rotational movement. We also offer repair services with quick turnaround times. This minimises the downtime on a large machine to ensure that the failed part can be replaced quickly.

Civil bearings are different. They allow for linear movement on a single plane; for example, bridge bearings are placed between the piers and deck of the bridge. This allows the deck some movement in terms of thermal expansion and retraction without placing excessive loads on the piers. It is at the connection points between the deck and piers that these components are found and they have to do their job in all types of weather. They are made from materials such as rubber to best absorb the relevant forces and movements.

As the name suggests, white-metal bearings are manufactured from white-metal alloys. These alloys have low friction properties to ensure that the end product delivers similar qualities. White-metal alloys usually consist of a combination of tin, copper, lead, and antimony. Tin is usually the base metal, with additions of the other three metals based on the applications of the bearings. For low-cost, medium-duty, general-purpose components, lead is the most popular addition to such an alloy. For heavy-duty applications, the alloy would contain more copper. Those in internal-combustion engines usually contain no lead.

Technoslide is your supplier, manufacturer, and repairer of white-metal alloy bearings. We can also supply their civil counterparts that can be used for construction purposes. For more information on our available types, browse our website for details. Let us take care of your needs regarding these unique and very efficient components to ensure that your business has less friction to deal with.