Bronze Bearings


The uses of a bearing are very often overlooked by the average man on the street, while the truth is that we rely on bearings a lot more than we know. In everyday life at home or at work, bearings are making movements seamless and simple in all manner of equipment, and that is what makes these components such an integral part of daily life. With bearings used in so many applications in every industry in the world, it is a given that there will be many different options to choose from. When choosing a bearing, a lot of its properties will depend on the material that it is manufactured from. The manufacturing material will determine its mechanical properties, its cost of processing, and how the bearing ultimately performs at its required task. When you choose bronze bearings, you will benefit in a number of ways.

First and foremost, bronze bearings are resistant to corrosion. Bronze forms a natural protective surface barrier that helps it to perform well in corrosive environments. Another great benefit is that of heat resistance. Not all bearings can perform well at elevated temperatures, but bronze bearings will. When it comes to wear and tear, bronze bearings come out on top too. That is why they are typically used in environments where wear and tear is high, such as in gear assemblies.

During the manufacturing stage, bronze is easier to machine than other materials, such as steel. This makes it easier to create an efficient and effective bearing that is designed to last. It is also good to note that as a material, bronze is particularly versatile, as it can be welded, brazed, and soldered with relative ease. It is therefore obvious to see that bronze bearings would be very popular.

At Technoslide, we stock a wide range of bearings manufactured to precise tolerances from a variety of materials. Our bronze bearings are a top seller as a result of their durable design and competitive pricing. Whether you wish to buy standard items or have us custom-design and -manufacture specific bearings to your specification, we are the team to approach.

If you are looking for more information and advice on bronze bearings, we welcome you to get in touch with us at Technoslide. Our extensive catalogue is available for your perusal and our friendly consultants can provide you with in-depth product information and advice.
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