Bronze Bearings


If you make use of bearings in your particular industry, it is important to select the right type and design of bearing in the interest of safety, productivity, and seamless operation. When looking at your various options, bronze bearings will probably be near the top of your list. Bronze bearings are impressive in that they can, unlike some other bearings, operate reliably under pressure and in harsh conditions, for extended periods. In many instances, the machine itself may fail before the bronze bearing ever does. The secret to bronze bearings’ success is not only the material that they are made of, but also has to do with its design and maintenance requirements.

Bronze bearings are versatile, as they are made not only of bronze, but of several compositions of alloys that provide a broad range of properties. As is the case with all bearings, the handling capacity and properties depend greatly on the material used to manufacture it. Bronze bearings in particular offer exceptional corrosion resistance.

There are various considerations that you should keep in mind when deciding which type of bearing is best for the job. While corrosion resistance is one of the considerations, it is not the only one. How a bearing will perform in different temperatures is also important. You will find that bronze bearings perform well even in high temperatures, which cannot be said for all types of bearings. Bronze bearings also offer exceptional resistance to wear and performs better than many other bearings types available. This means that bronze bearings are often selected for use in harsh applications where intense wear and tear can be expected.

Precision in design is even easier to achieve when bronze is the material used for a bearing design. The fact that bronze is easy to machine means that bronze bearings can be more accurately designed and manufactured than steel bearings. These bearings can easily be welded, soldered, or brazed as well.

At Technoslide, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a broad selection of bearing options. While we have a standard catalogue of bearings, including bronze bearings, we can also custom design and manufacture bearings according to a customer’s supplied specifications.

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