Bronze Bearings

Bronze Bearings

Find Bronze Bearings for Sale at Technoslide

Bronze bearings are one of many types of bearings that you can find for sale at Technoslide. At Technoslide, we can manufacture and supply a wide range of products designed specifically for the needs of our clients. These particular bearings are useful in many industries, as they present very little metal-on-metal friction. The bronze used in the manufacturing of these bearings is also popularly used within springs, brushings, automobile transmissions, small electric motors and so on.  Phosphor bronze is typically used to create precision-grade bearings.

At Technoslide, we can manufacture your bronze bearings strictly according to your supplied specifications. They can be designed with internal grease grooves, or without. Simply let us know what your requirements are and we will ensure that we take the time to exceed them. We are always looking for ways in which to improve on our range and services, and expect to see great things in the near future of bronze bearings at Technoslide. We offer the market bronze wrapped components too and you can learn more about these by browsing through our standard products range.

The Technoslide team has been serving the market since 1998. We confidently supply many markets, including marine, mining, iron, steel, petrochemical, automotive, civil, and materials handling industries, with a wide range of products. We are an international organisation always looking to expand on our range, and will go the extra mile to ensure that we custom design and manufacture clients’ products and orders according to specs, for the best possible functionality and outcomes.

When it comes to ordering bronze bearings, we encourage you to take the time to get in touch with us, to discuss your various needs and requirements with our development team. Of course, we have a range of ready-made bearings for sale too, and you are more than welcome to enquire about this range and purchase units that meet with your requirements. As each industry is different, we ensure that our team is clued-up on each type of bearing, so that we can provide you with advice and guidance when looking for bearings to provide certain functionalities.

We detail all of the products that we stock on our website, including our bronze bearings, and encourage our clients to browse through this range to discover the specifications and functionalities of each product. If you require any further information along the way, we welcome you to give us a call or send us an email, so that we can further advise and assist you.