Bridge Bearings

If you have been looking for bearings for an industrial application, you have come to the right place. The Technoslide range of bearings is extensive, and include civil and structural bearings, with bridge bearings being a mainstay of the range. While bridge bearings are a component of a bridge structure, their importance must not be overlooked. This particular type of bearing provides a resting surface between the deck and piers of the bridge. The main function of this bearing is to help with carrying the load; however, the bearing is designed to allow controlled movement of the structure in such a way that stress is reduced and the integrity of the structure is not compromised.

Bridges can experience movement because of a number of factors, including thermal expansion and contraction, swaying of the bridge span, weight of vehicles crossing the bridge, and similar. The type of bridge bearing, of which there are many, will depend on which dynamic loads have to be allowed for. The type of bridge bearings available on the market are:

  • Two-plate bearings;
  • Elastomeric bearings;
  • Mechanical bridge bearings (these include pinned bearings, rocker bearings, roller bearings, and fixed bearings).

The most common type of modern bridge bearing available at Technoslide is the elastomeric bearing. This particular bearing is typically made of rubber and steel and is designed to handle the allowable vertical and horizontal movements of a bridge safely and within set parameters. Our range in this category includes three main types of bearings: BA-type bearings, BAR-type bearings, and BR-type bearings.

Elastomeric bearing pads have a design that carries vertical load and accommodates effective horizontal rotation that allows for lateral shear movement. These are the most commonly used bearings in the construction industry, used for large-span bridges and structures, as they are highly durable and effective.

We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of various types of bearings. With our expertise and skills, we are able to provide standard bearing components, as well as custom-designed bearings made according to specifications that are provided by the client and required for unique or specific applications.

If you would like to discover a wide range of top-quality and competitively priced bearings, take the time to chat to our team at Technoslide. We will introduce you to a range of bridge bearings that will not let you down. Get in touch via email or telephone today.