Bridge Bearings


Bridge bearings, as the name suggests, are designed for use in bridge construction. This is because they are able to absorb and transfer force from the superstructure to the foundations, while also allowing table rotations in both axis and sliding horizontal movements. Their objective is to reduce the force on the structure itself. One would be misinformed to think that bridge bearings are strictly for use in bridges. In fact, these very bearings are also effectively used in other applications where heavy objects must safely operate. This includes the likes of buildings, highways, piers and various other applications.

There are many types of bridge bearings available on the market. Each is designed with a specific functionality in mind. Unique, custom-designed bridge bearings can also be designed with specific requirements and characteristics. The most common types of bridge bearings available include the following:

Laminated elastomeric bearings.
PTFE top elastomeric bearings.
Elastomeric bearings with steel plates.
Plain elastomeric bearings.
Pot bearings.
Spherical bridge bearings.
Lead rubber bearings.
High dampening rubber bearings.

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