Bridge Bearing Design

Find Out More about Bridge Bearing Design at Technoslide

Infrastructure in our country is going through some major changes and this means that a large amount of construction is underway. When it comes to the building of bridges and other supporting structures, the design of the products used to piece them together is quite important. Bridge bearing design is something that must be carefully planned. Only professional engineers in the field should be trusted with such a task and each bearing must be manufactured to the highest possible quality. It is important that the right designs and items are used during the process to ensure that the construction is compliant with both local and international building and safety codes.

Each bridge is different or has its differences and that is why their supporting bearings must be designed to perfectly suit the structure and accommodate its requirements. The types of bearings that you usually find being used with bridges include fixed pot bearings, free sliding pot bearings, guided sliding pot bearings, fixed pin bearings and a variety of other special designs.  The bridge designer will simply need to advise what types of bearings are required for the structure.

At Technoslide, we have been in business since 1998. In the time we have been serving the market we have been dedicated to product quality, durability and attention to detail. Value for money is also one of our main focuses. We design, manufacture and repair all kinds of bearings and we encourage our clients to chat to us about their needs and requirements so that we can help them to the best of our ability, at a price that they can afford.

You will find that we have an extensive range of products to offer you, and we are quite well known in the petrochemical, mining, marine, automotive, civil, iron and steel and materials handling industries. We have standard products offered for sale and we can also assist you with having something made up according to your specifications. A professional and dedicated service can be expected at all times from our team.

If you need any advice or guidance when looking for the right product for you, take the time to chat to one of our sales consultants who you will find has a wealth of product knowledge and information to impart with. The Technoslide team is standing by to teach you more about bridge bearing design and to ensure that you invest in the right product for you and your application.