Bridge Bearing Design


Bridge bearing design is vitally important for durability and strength. You will find that there are various types of bearings for bridges and their function will be dependent on their specific design. Bridge bearings are typically used to transfer a force from one main structure to a substructure, while allowing translation and rotational movements of the main structure. To understand these two types of movements better, consider this:

Rotational movements are caused due to typical structure motion.
Translation movements are caused by displacement in a horizontal or vertical direction as a result of wind, weight of the structure and similar.
When it comes to bridge bearings, the market typically offers the following varieties:

Pin bearings
Roller bearings
Rocker bearings
Sliding bearings
Knuckle pinned bearings
Pot bearings
Plain elastomeric bearings
At Technoslide, we offer a variety of custom-designed civil bearings that are ideal for use in bridges. They offer strength, durability and long-term use without falling victim to wear and tear. Our bearings can be used with both concrete and steel structures, and we are always available to advise you on which bearings are best suited to your particular application or bridge design. Our designers will need to know what the expected maximum and minimum loads that the structure will have exerted on it are, and will then need to anticipate what sort of movement the structure will need to accommodate. By providing us with these specifications or requirements, we will be able to design a suitable bearing for you.

While you can buy a variety of standard bearings on the market, we specialise in the actual design and manufacture of bearings.
This means that we can create a bearing according to your specifications. Not only will this provide you with complete peace of mind that you’re getting precisely the bearing that you are looking for – but you also get the expert advice and guidance of professionals in the industry. When it comes to bridges, whether a foot bridge or otherwise, safety is of the utmost importance and this can only be assured with best quality civil bearings.

If you’re looking for more information and advice on bridge bearing design, we recommend that you take the time to chat to one of our friendly bearing experts at Technoslide. We are available via email and telephone, and look forward to assisting you with your bearing design needs!