Bimetal Bearings

Find a Range of Durable and Reliable Bimetal Bearings


Bimetal bearings are designed to specifically be able to carry the load and especially those presented to the market by Technoslide. These particular bearings certainly do not wear out quickly and they are manufactured to be used effectively in oil lubricated applications. When shopping around for this type of unit you will undoubtedly be impressed with its high load capacity and its good fatigue properties. If you are looking for these particular bearings then you will be using them in various automotive applications such as steering gear, power steering, compressors, tailgate pivots, hydraulic motors and king-pin bushes, but their use is not just limited to these.

Bimetal bearings are also used in lifting equipment, materials handling equipment, agricultural machinery and so on. The applications that they are used in are typically powerful and demanding and you can rest assured that the bearings supplied by Technoslide offer exceptional quality and durability. These bearings are steel backed and have lead bronze linings, which only add to their durability and strength. You can find both the CSB 800 and CSB 820 stocked by us. Both of these units are manufactured according to certain international standards.

Technoslide has been supplying the market with reliable bearings and other related products since 1998. We have spent the past years working hard to expand on our range and ensure that we have a product range that is exceptional to offer our clients.

While our offices are located in Johannesburg we will gladly provide our products to companies operating across South Africa. We consider ourselves a learning organisation which means that we are constantly researching, learning and developing on our existing range of products. We believe that only the best will do for our clients and so we are determined to produce and give them exactly that. All of our products are manufactured according to ISO standards and requirements, for your peace of mind.

At Technoslide, we focus our attention on ensuring that each and every product on our product range is just as good as we say they are. If you are looking for bimetal bearings or similar products required in your industry then we encourage you to take the time to chat to us about your needs and requirements so that we can present you with a range of viable options. Waste no more time shopping around when the best quality and best priced bearings can be found right here with us at Technoslide.