4 Common Types of Bearings on the Market

What are bearings and what are they used for? Bearings play an integral role in our lives – even if most people aren’t aware of it. Bearings are actually precision-made components that are highly engineered in order to perform a specific function. They need to be precise, accurate and absolutely reliable, as they are involved in some heavy-duty processes.

Their main purpose is to help heavy-duty machinery and equipment to carry loads and move at high speeds with efficiency and ease. For a bearing to be considered viable, it needs to offer exceptional precision. It must also be highly durable and be unfailingly reliable when rotating at a high speed. The best bearings on the market allow for this functionality with very little vibration and noise.

You will find that bearings are present in most machinery and equipment – even those that we encounter on an everyday basis. Bearings play an integral role in the operation of computers, planes, construction machinery, automobiles, fans, fridges, and even DVD or CD players. Bearings allow for turning and twisting movements of parts and components within these machines.

There are many types of bearings available on the market – each has its own functionality and set of characteristics, and it is therefore important that the right bearing is selected for the job. Below we have listed 4 of the most common bearings on the market:

Ball bearings – these allow for low friction at high speeds. The ball allows for a rolling movement. These are most often used in fans and automobiles.

Needle roller and cylindrical bearings – a rolling function is supported by a cylinder. These bearings allow for medium radial loading with low friction. These bearings are most often used in gear boxes and construction equipment.

Tapered roller bearings – these allow for combined axial and radial loads. These are most often used in wheel applications, gear boxes, process equipment and similar.

Spherical roller bearings – these bearings have barrel shaped rollers. These allow for medium friction with high-load applications. These are most often used in conveyors, paper machines and general process machinery.

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