Bearings South Africa

Bearings for Sale in South Africa

Technoslide is a supplier of bearings in South Africa that opened its doors for business back in 1998. Our experience and knowledge of the market and the products required allows us to present the best quality items at all times. Since our start-up we have actively been enhancing and modifying our range so as to offer you only the best quality products at the most competitive prices. One of our main aims is to be a leader in the industry and not just another standard supplier.

Those looking for bearings with specific requirements enjoy our service as we are able to custom make products according to client specifications. What’s more is that we test each product for durability, strength and safety, for our peace of mind and yours.

When taking a close look at our range of products you will find the following types of bearings are designed, manufactured and supplied by us: composite self-lubricating and specialised bronze, civil, structural, white metal and fibre re-informed polymers.

Each and every product to leave our warehouse is manufactured according to the SABS ISO 9001 quality guidelines and standards. The products that we supply are mainly used in industries such as petrochemical, automotive, mining, materials handling, civil, steel and iron, marine and so on.

Our team is one that currently supplies the following types of bearings to the South African market place:

  • White metal
  • Civil and structural
  • Composite self-lubricating
  • Specialised bronze
  • Fibre re-informed polymer


The type of bearing that you eventually purchase will greatly depend on the application in which it is intended to be used in. If you aren’t entirely sure which the best options are, we encourage you to chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants who have enough product related knowledge and experience to advise you professionally and accurately.

Our sales agents are all highly experienced in the field and will provide you with as much information regarding your chosen products as possible, before sales are finalised. Any advice and guidance that we can impart with, we will – for your peace of mind.

When looking for the best quality bearings available for sale in South Africa, there is simply nowhere else you should turn to, but Technoslide. Chat to us at Technoslide and we will ensure that you are provided with access to a range that will simply not let you down.