Bearings Development

Bearings Development in South Africa – Choose from a Product Range that Won’t Disappoint

When it comes to bearings development in South Africa, Technoslide certainly surpasses the rest on the market. Our team, which started up in 1998, has the experience and background to present not only the finest products of this kind to the market, but also continues to modify, enhance and improve on these products. It is our goal to remain a leader in the field not only because our prices are competitive, but because the quality and value for money of our products cannot be questioned or doubted.

Our team is one that currently supplies the following types of bearings to the South African market place:

  • White metal
  • Civil and structural
  • Composite self-lubricating
  • Specialised bronze
  • Fibre re-informed polymer


Our products are used on a regular basis by businesses operating within a variety of industries including the likes of mining, petrochemical, marine, automotive, steel and iron, materials handling and civil. Of course the applications in which each of our products are used varies, and if you require professional advice and assistance in selecting the correct items for the proposed tasks, our team members will be more than willing and prepared to assist you.

We are actively involved in the design, manufacture and repair processes of our products and ensure that our range is tested for safety, durability and reliability before being released to the market. We are proud to operate and manufacture in accordance to the strict SABS ISO 9001 quality standards – our certificate of which is made available on our website for your perusal.

When it comes to our product range, we try to make sure that we supply our clients with as much information and advice as possible before making the sale. You will find that our sales agents are professional, qualified and knowledgeable in the field, which means you can expect useful advice and guidance along the way. Simply let us know what you requirements are and we will arrange a detailed and cost-effective quotation to be provided to you.

When it comes to bearings development in South Africa, our team at Technoslide are proud to be a market leader. We make ourselves available for your queries and will ensure that you are able to make an educated decision when seeking out just the right bearing for the job. Chat to us about your requirements and make an investment in a range of products that simply will not let you down.