Learn More Here about General Types of Bearings

Bearings are designed typically to reduce friction and stress while facilitating rotational and linear movement. The presence of a bearing allows items to roll over a surface without friction being experienced between the item and the surface that it is rolling over. Its presence also promotes both efficiency and speed.

A brief look at what the market has to offer will tell you that there are many types of bearings to choose from as follows:

  • Ball bearings – these are one of the most common types and have the ability to handle radial and thrust loads. These bearings cannot be overloaded as they can and will deform which means that they must be used with relative care and not in applications where the load is not suitable.
  • Roller bearings – these are designed to carry heavy loads effectively. Due to its design, the roller bearing can handle radial loads and not thrust loads.
  • Ball thrust bearings – as the name suggests, these are designed to handle only thrust loads and are designed for use in applications where low speed and low weight are guaranteed.
  • Roller thrust bearings – these also handle thrust loads only and can manage a significant amount of weight. These are typically used in gear support applications.
  • Tapered roller bearings – these can handle heavy duty radial and thrust loads. They are extremely versatile and can be expected to carry heavy weights.Pot bearings – these are used in concrete and steel structures where little resistance to natural movement is required.
  • Elastomeric and plain sliding bearings – these are also structural bearings used where movement and expansion must be catered to.

These are just a few of the bearings that you can find on the market. At Technoslide, we have a wide array of bearings including these mentioned and the likes of strip bearings, plain sliding bearings, pipeline bearings and a great deal more. We understand that with such an extensive range and with the difference between each bearing being so slight yet so important, it can become quite a challenge to find precisely the right one. You will find that our team is well versed in the field and will provide you with as much assistance and guidance as is possible to choose the right unit for your application.

At Technoslide, we welcome you to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We will ensure that you are presented with a viable range of bearings to consider today.