Buying Quality Bearings

In South Africa there are only a few professional bearings suppliers that can guarantee value for money and exceptional product quality. Technoslide is one of those suppliers. Since we opened our doors to the market in 1998, we have been focused on presenting only the finest quality range to our clients. We have spent many hours improving on our range and ensuring that durability is a top feature of any of our products. Our aim to provide competitive rates and an unbeatable service has earned us respect and loyalty on an ever expanding market.

Our range at Technoslide is quite extensive as we stock and manufacture the following products:

  • White metal bearings
  • Specialised bronze bearings
  • Composite self-lubricating bearings
  • Fibre re-informed polymer bearings


These products are commonly used in industries such as marine, mining, petrochemical, automotive, steel and iron, civil and structural and materials handling concerns. While various systems and applications are used in within these industries, it is best to ensure that you chat to the professionals in the field so that you invest in the right products for the job. When approaching us for assistance you will find that we do not only supply standard products to the market, we can also design and manufacture custom made products according to specifications.

As in many industrial working environments, wear and tear can take its toll. If you require repairs and maintenance on any bearings, we can provide this service to you too. Each of our products is designed with safety in mind and we quality test them before presenting them to the market.

The SABS ISO 9001 quality guidelines and regulations are strictly adhered to at Technoslide. We do this to ensure safety, durability and also to make sure that each and every client can have peace of mind that they are investing in a top quality product. Our team is reliable, knowledgeable and will do what is necessary to ensure that you end up with precisely the product that you need. If you require information and advice on our range, you will find that we are all well-educated on our products and will be delighted to advise you.

At Technoslide we have a variety of bearings that are designed to meet with your specific needs and requirements. Simply let us know what you are looking for and the nature of your business / application in question and we will present you with options that are worth your consideration.