Need to Purchase or Refurbish a Bearing?

Do you need to purchase or repair a bearing that you need for a specific piece of machinery?  Finding good quality bearings is extremely important, as a breakage in the bearing can substantially slow down production and cause damage to machinery, if not replaced or repaired quickly.

At Technoslide, we produce and supply many quality types of bearings, and we have made it our business to become specialists in this field.  We supply a wide range of civil bearings, plain bearings and white metal bearings, and we are qualified to refurbish just about any type of bearing that might need repaired.

Our civil bearings include, pot, elastomeric, plain sliding, line rocker, strip, pipeline and foot bridge bearings.  We also provide our customers with a variety of white metal bearings.  We supply bearings for a wide variety of uses, including compressors and other applications that involve the use of rotating plants, diesel engines, electric motors, turbines and fans.  Our units are also used in applications like agricultural equipment, automotive applications, construction machinery, renewable energy, the hydraulic industry, the food and beverage industry, office and gym equipment, press and forging equipment, and materials handling.

We have an outstanding range of products that includes bi-metallic components, bronze wrapped components, a CSB 650 range, filament wound products, metal polymer components, plastic compound components and sintered products.  We can produce batches of standard types of bearings or have these custom-made, depending on the particular needs of our client.  In addition to this, we have a highly effective emergency team on standby – this team is specifically used for call-outs, and they can expertly repair or refurbish any damaged or broken valve within 24 hours!  Bearings from 25mm to 1 800mm can easily and comfortably be handled on site, while larger units that need repair or have to be purchased could take slightly longer, but can be supplied by us.

At Technoslide, we pride ourselves on our trustworthy, passionate and well-qualified workforce.  We know that our clients have different requirements, and we understand the importance of quality service and products.  As a result, we strive to be the best in both.  Regardless of the type of bearing product that you are looking for, we can help you!  Our helpful technicians and sales staff are always ready to assist you with your query, and can also inform you of our great promotional deals and specials that we offer.  Give us a call today!