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Find a Leading Bearing Supplier and Discover an Extensive Range of Options

We use bearings in our everyday lives, not just in engineering and industrial equipment. Your local bearing supplier probably produces and supplies thousands of bearings each month, and they are used in products and applications that directly benefit your daily life. If you are shopping around for bearings, they probably play an important role in your industry. This does not mean that you necessarily know (or have to know) everything about bearings and their myriad of specifications.

The concept of a bearing’s design is very simple. It is based on the fact that materials typically move more easily in the absence of friction. A car moves on a rolling principle (its wheels) according to the principles of a roller bearing. A bearing is designed to enable things to roll or slide without excess friction that will inhibit free movement and wear the respective surfaces out prematurely. The bearing enables two surfaces to pass smoothly over each other, which means there is very little friction and therefore a smooth motion.

We are not just another one of many bearing suppliers in the country. We also manufacture a range of custom bearings designed to suit the needs and requirements that are specific to the customer. We have become specialised in our field and pride ourselves on being able to offer top-notch bearing products to the South African market. In our range, you will find a variety of bearing types for you to choose from. These include white metal bearings, bimetallic bearings, metal polymer bearings, plastic compound bearings, metal sintered bearings, pot bearings, elastomeric bearings, plain sliding bearings, line rocker bearings, strip bearings, pipeline bearings, bridge bearings, and more.

You can choose from our existing product range or let us know what your requirements are so that we can produce a range that suits your needs, application, and available budget. When investing in bearings, it is best to ensure that you acquire best quality and most durable product from the start. An inferior quality bearing will not be able to bear the load as required for an extended period and you could find yourself faced with costly repairs and inconvenient downtime while you carry out replacements.

If you would like to learn more about all the different types of bearings available to you, find a bearing supplier that has it all and more to offer. Technoslide is that supplier. Simply give us a call or send us an email with your requirements and one of our friendly consultants will get back to you.