Bearing Repair

Technoslide (Pty) Ltd supplies bearings for a wide variety of industrial uses including turbines, gearboxes, fans, electric motors, diesel engines, pumps, compressors, in fact most applications that involve the use of rotating plant. In addition to the manufacture of plain journal bearings the company has also produced thrust pads and assemblies, often to customers' own drawings, but increasingly over the years to our own designs. We have a flexible management and workforce enabling us to undertake both batch and once-off production assignments. Naturally we are also able to undertake bearing repairs, and has developed a reputation for being able to react quickly to the sort of emergency situations that require fast and reliable bearing repair. Indeed we pride ourselves in being able to handle any emergency situation that may be encountered in today’s industrial environment.

Many of our satisfied clients need to have their old bearings repaired from time to time. We are well aware that in an industrial environment the speed of turnaround is of paramount importance, and our facilities have been so designed as to meet the most demanding requirements. Our performance in this area is beyond reproach, and we can handle bearing repairs on bearings ranging from a 25mm to a 1800mm bore. Repairing a bearing will return the component to service, but clients should be aware that, depending on the type of failure, further work maybe required to prevent subsequent failures. . If you would like any further information on bearing repairs please call us at +27 11 605 2434