Bearing Repair

Technoslide Offers A Bearing Repair Service

Technoslide was formed in 1998 and specialises in the design and manufacture of bearings.  We also have a bearing repair service that repairs whitemetal bearings.  Our bearing repair service places a high priority on efficient communication, professional customer care and rapid turnaround times, because we realise that our clients need their bearings repaired in quick order to minimise down time.

Technoslide has acquired a good reputation of quick bearing repairs and we can respond rapidly in case of an emergency.  Large, industrial clients often need fast and reliable bearing repairs and we have are always available to get their machinery up and running as soon as possible.  The professionals at Technoslide can perform bearing repairs on a very wide range of bearings that range from a 25mm right up to a 1 800mm bore.  Sometimes, a bearing repair is all that is needed to return a component to service, but it is in the client’s best interest to determine the reason for the failure and ensure that any additional repair work and preventative maintenance is performed to prevent premature wear and subsequent failures.

We design and manufacture a wide range of bearings, including specialised bronze bearings, fibre-reinforced polymer bearings, composite self-lubricating bearings, whitemetal bearings and civil and structural bearings.  Our bearings are widely used in the petrochemical, mining, marine, automotive, iron and steel, materials handling and civil domains.

Technoslide’s expertise in bearing design, manufacture and bearing repair has gained us a reputation for excellent products, quality and service.  For more information on our company, contact us today.