Bearing Manufacturer

Because of the many different types of bearings it is unlikely (but not impossible) that you will ever find a bearing manufacturer that produces every different type of bearing in a single factory. Technoslide (Pty) Ltd goes a long way in achieving this however. The company was formed in 1998 by the management and staff of Glacier Bearings (now non-operational) and carries out a wide range of bearing manufacture at its three Johannesburg factories. The company presently produces:

  •  Design, manufacture and repair of white metal bearings
  •  Design and manufacture of Civil and structural bearings
  •  Composite Self-lubricating Bearings
  •  Specialized bronze bearings
  •  Fibre reinforced polymer bearings

The company has invested heavily in plant and equipment and is continually improving its present products and introducing new ones. This is done with the assistance and support of its clients, consultants and relevant research organizations.

The bearing manufacture carried out by Technoslide serves a wide range of industries, including Marine, Mining, Petrochemical, Iron & Steel, Automotive, Civil, and materials handling. Bearing manufacture is carried out in 3 factories, all in the Johannesburg area. The factories operate QA systems, which are compatible with ISO9000 recommendations and are regularly audited by Bearing Technologies, who have the benefit of over 35 years of relevant experience with the products. (Bearing Technologies CC was formed in 1999 to supply structural bearings, and provides specialised technical services in the field of tribology to Technoslide (Pty) Ltd.) Technoslide (Pty) Ltd supplies and manufactures bearings for a wide variety of uses including turbines, gearboxes, fans, electric motors, diesel engines, pumps, compressors, in fact most applications that involve the use of rotating plant. In addition to the manufacture of plain journal bearings the company has produced thrust pads and assemblies to both its own and its customers' designs.