Bearing Manufacturer

Leading Bearing Manufacturer Offers 18 Years of Experience in the Industry

We, as a leading bearing manufacturer, offer the market an extensive range of bearings to choose from. It goes without saying that a professional manufacturer of bearings must have access to the best quality steel and must also have an exceptional control of geometry. In the early years, now we are talking early 1940s, manufacturing bearings to precision was considered an art form. The quality of each bearing and manufacturer was quite varied and the peace of mind that the industry has today in terms of efficiency and precision, simply wasn’t guaranteed in those years.

Today, top bearing manufacturers have access to far superior grades of steel. They also employ advanced manufacturing techniques which ensure far greater geometric accuracy and a smoother rolling surface for bearings. Manufacturers will be able to instantly tell the difference in the quality of bearings by comparing the cleanliness of the steel used and just how accurate the geometry of the bearing is. Various design enhancements can be made to ensure that bearings are more robust and to ensure improved life expectancy of the bearing.

At Technoslide, we pride ourselves on being leading manufacturers of a wide range of bearings. We don’t limit ourselves to just one type or style. In fact, we actively manufacture the following types of bearings:

  • White Metal Bearings
  • Pot Bearings
  • Elastomeric Bearings
  • Plain Sliding Bearings
  • Line Rocker Bearings
  • Strip Bearings
  • Pipe Line Bearings
  • Foot Bridge Bearings

Our 18 years of experience in the industry put us in a great position to provide our clients with reliable advice and guidance when selecting the right bearings for their application and setup. It is important that the correct bearings are selected for the project, in order to ensure safety, durability and, of course, effectiveness of the bearing’s functionality. We design and manufacture our existing range of bearings and can also custom manufacture specialised bearings according to your specifications. Our design and manufacturing services are of the utmost best quality and will ensure that your final product is nothing short of exceptional.

If you are shopping around for a leading bearing manufacturer in South Africa, waste no time dealing with inferior quality product suppliers. At Technoslide, we guarantee our clients access to a range that is not just viable – it offers long term durability and reliability too. For more information and advice on our range of bearings, Contact us via email or telephone at Technoslide today.