Bearing Manufacturer


While consulting with your local bearing manufacturer, you will find that the manufacturing technique and material used will determine the quality of a bearing in the end. Bearings are similar to wheels in design. They are used to allow linear and rotational movement, while also reducing friction and stress. By reducing friction and stress, machinery can function reliably, and with speed and efficiency.

How Bearings Work

If you ask your local bearing manufacturer how bearings work, you are sure to be intrigued. Some bearings have a very simple structure, which consists of metal balls that run in races (channels), with internal smooth surfaces that assist with the rolling action of the unit. The weight of a load is carried by the ball and the load’s force helps with the rotational movement of the bearing. Two types of forces can be imposed on a bearing, namely radial force and thrust force.

Movements Supported by Bearings

Some bearings are manufactured to handle both radial and thrust loads. In some applications, such as car wheels, it is important for the bearing to offer both rotational and thrust load-bearing capabilities, so that the wheel can roll in a straight line as well as turn corners with ease.

Bearing Types

When shopping around, you will find that most bearing manufacturers offer a wide variety of bearing types for you to choose from. The array will undoubtedly include the likes of ball bearings, roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, roller thrust bearings, tapered roller bearings, and many types of specialised bearings.

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