Babbit Bearings

Looking for Babbitt Bearings Suppliers?

Babbitt bearing suppliers are certainly few and far between in this day and age. These particular bearings came into being in the early 1940’s after Babbitt metal was created for the first time in 1839. These bearings were generally used in old gasoline engines and equipment that was actually powered by engines of this type. Of course over the years the bearings and metal used to create them changed formulation and so could be used for various purposes. However, they became less and less used in the years to follow, rendering the manufacturing of them quite useless. Of course any bearing that is replaced by a new and improved edition is never truly rendered obsolete as there will always be equipment and machinery in use that makes use of the original form.

As mentioned, in this day and age there are still items of old machinery and automobiles that make use of these particular bearings. These individuals will require access to Babbitt bearings but there is certainly no major demand on the market for them. If you are someone or a company that requires these items and struggle to find them, stress no more! At Technoslide we design and manufacture these units to perfection. Regardless of what you require them for, they are made available at a reasonable rate. Product quality, affordability and sheer value for money are taken into account at Technoslide and these are also reasons why we have a loyal following.

If you would like to additional information on them, rest assured that our friendly staff members will be delighted to assist you. Technoslide is a company that started in 1998. We have since taken the time to ensure that we become industry leaders when it comes to technologically advanced engineering of this kind. Our Johannesburg head office is able to service the area and the country quite effectively. We are well known suppliers to the iron, steel, automotive, civil, marine, mining, petrochemical and material handling industries. We have a great reputation on the market and those who take the time to consider and invest in our product range remain loyal clients for years to come.

If you have been hunting for Babbitt bearing suppliers on the South African market and want to ensure that your equipment, working environment and machinery are operating to their full potential and safely, then our products at Technoslide are precisely what you require.