Babbit Bearings

Acquire Access to Well Designed Babbitt Bearings

Babbitt bearings are made from a metal called Babbitt which is used in a plain bearing for the actual bearing surface. This particular metal came into being as early as 1839 and since then the formulation has been changed, developed and improved on to form a durable metal that can be used to create bearings that can be trusted and relied on. These particular bearings are unlike others found on the market and are therefore used for very specific tasks in certain industries. These bearings can be found used in gasoline engines and equipment powered by these types of engines.

Over time the Babbitt bearing became used less and less, but those who make use of old machinery and equipment and automobiles will still make use of such a bearing. At Technoslide we stock these bearings in their modern and old form. This means that regardless of what type of engine you are running, if you require this particular unit, we have it in stock for you.

Technoslide is a technologically advanced engineering company that was started up in 1998. Our team is one that is experienced and highly qualified which makes us true to our motto of being pioneers of technology in our particular industry. We are situated in Johannesburg but are able to service the entire country. Simply let us know what your requirements are and we can have your order delivered to you. We are quite well known in serving markets such as the petrochemical, marine, mining, iron and steel, automotive, civil and also material handling. All of these industries require reliable, durable and well-designed products to ensure safe and continuous running. At Technoslide we dedicate our time and efforts to ensuring that our products are able to live up to their already great reputation.

If you are looking for a group of companies that are specialists in their field when it comes to the design, production, development and sale of plain bearing products and technologies then you have certainly come to the right place. At Technoslide we are focused on ensuring that you are presented with a range of products that will not let your business down. Our sales consultants are all friendly and approachable and if you require it, they will happily impart with a wealth of product related information and advice.

If you require a quotation and further information on Babbitt bearings then take the time to chat to us at Technoslide today.