Applications of High-Temperature Bearings


High-temperature bearings are designed to provide a dependable and durable solution in applications where bearings are expected to operate beyond the temperature range of standard bearings. These high-temperature bearings offer excellent performance and are readily available in the marketplace, continuing to deliver dependable solutions to the industry. Without access to these types of bearings, many of the products and equipment we take for granted would not be able to function.

But which industries are most dependent on high-temperature bearings? Well, these bearings are used in machinery in many economic sectors and continue to provide the dependable solutions the marketplace requires. Here are only a few applications in which high-temperature bearings excel in:

Textile machinery;
Industrial ventilation;
Alternators and driers; and
Fan assemblies and heater units, to name a few.
These are only a few of the many uses and applications in which these bearings are used and where they are required to withstand elevated temperatures.

Choose Our Durable High-Temperature Bearings

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